• Shades of Gray: Trending Silver Hair Tones in 2020

    2020 is not the year to hold on to old traditions and outdated conventions of beauty. Grays are not just a sign of aging that needs to be concealed with hair color or tucked under bandanas. This shade is trending in the beauty industry with burgeoning success as stylists and fashion divas…

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  • Image showing Hair Highlights in Concord NH

    8 Guidelines for Weather Proofing your Hair for Winter Season

    Cold weather can take a toll on hair. Luckily you can easily outwit the elements by treating your tresses to the weather – Proofing routine below:

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  • Image showing Concord hair salon

    How to know it’s Time for a Haircut

    Do you feel like your scalp feels weighed down and your hair looks lifeless and dull? Schedule an appointment with the top hairstylist in Concord. For details check the inforgaphic below:

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  • Image showing Mens haircut concord NH

    Top 5 Celebrity Bobs That You Can Try

    Bobs are a timeless and utterly classic haircut that anyone can pull off. No matter what your age is, your face cut or your hair color, a bob is one of those hairstyles that look incredible on everyone. However, not all bobs are created equal. This is why it’s important to…

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