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    Tips To Treating Your Hair Right

    Your hair is likely to be one of your most prized features. It’s one of the first things anyone will notice about you, whether your hair is long, short, black, brown, buzzed, tied up, or even covered!

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  • Hair Extensions- How To Prepare For Them

    Hair extensions are a solution for many hair problems but these can be tricky. Here are a number of things to know about using them.

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  • back look

    5 Celebrities Giving Us Hair Goals In 2020

    We all look toward our favorite celebrities to give us hair, makeup, and fashion goals on the regular. Sometimes you see their new ‘do and think “dang!” and other times you see them wear a dress and want the exact same color.

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  • hair highlights

    Hair Highlights Spring Fling: 4 Things to Try for Switching Up Your Look

    Spring is here in all its glory, which means it’s a time for a change! The new season calls for a new you, so you can make changes to your hair and transform everything. Play with the color, cut and style of your hair, working closely with a hairstylist that…

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    Taking Care of Your Hair with a Hectic Work Routine

    When you wake up for work each morning, struggling to style your hair or make it look presentable, only to give up and resign to your fate as a walking bird’s nest, it’s a sign that you need a better hair care routine. It can be incredibly difficult to find…

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  • Image showing hair transformations

    New Year, New Me: Hair Transformations for a Fierce New You

    Now that the new year is here, it’s time to let go of everything that went wrong in 2019. It’s a time for a change, for growth, for transformation. It’s the perfect time to chop off a few inches of your hair. After all, haircuts are the perfect form of…

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  • Shades of Gray: Trending Silver Hair Tones in 2020

    2020 is not the year to hold on to old traditions and outdated conventions of beauty. Grays are not just a sign of aging that needs to be concealed with hair color or tucked under bandanas. This shade is trending in the beauty industry with burgeoning success as stylists and fashion divas…

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  • Hair cut salon Concord NH

    Hair Hacks 2020: Easy Styling Tips for Short Hair

    Often, at my hair salon in Concord, NH, I have clients come in and request short hair. They pull up pictures of celebrities, internet personalities, or even models sporting an edgy, short-haired look—remember the cool girl haircut?—and want to look exactly like them. As a hairstylist, I know the effort…

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  • Image showing Hair Highlights in Concord NH

    8 Guidelines for Weather Proofing your Hair for Winter Season

    Cold weather can take a toll on hair. Luckily you can easily outwit the elements by treating your tresses to the weather – Proofing routine below:

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    Questions to Ask Your Hair Stylist Before Making a Change

    Changing your hair is one of the most exciting and therapeutic things anyone can do. Whether it’s a radical haircut, a hair color change or some extensions and hair tinsel, there’s a lot that you can do. However, your hair might not turn out the way you envision—and that can be…

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