Shades of Gray: Trending Silver Hair Tones in 2020

2020 is not the year to hold on to old traditions and outdated conventions of beauty. Grays are not just a sign of aging that needs to be concealed with hair color or tucked under bandanas. This shade is trending in the beauty industry with burgeoning success as stylists and fashion divas continue to endorse its appeal.

There’s something really unique about this shade that’s making it one of the finer choices of style in the industry. Only the boldest and stylish of individuals are going for it, and salons are meeting this demand with upgraded hair treatments and services.

There are more than 50 shades of gray and each has its own appeal for different people. Check out some of the highest trending shades of gray.

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Snowy gray

With the cold of winter just around the corner, how about getting hair that gives the impression of snowfall? Snowy gray is the kind of shade that never fails to mesmerize all eyes that set on it.

With a natural black base, silver strands intertwine with the dark ones to give a partially full-gray look. But with the black emerging with every shake of your tresses, you don’t have to take the leap of faith for a fully snow-capped head.

Silver babylights

If you want to make your hair looks finer than the finest silver, these babylights are for you. Blending smoothly with a base of pre-existing grays, the babylights just give your hair an illuminating glow.

Sure, dark hair can make anyone go green with envy, but with this hair color, you’ll rule over them all like a queen of hearts. Go bold with an equally chic haircut like an angled bob and you’ll be in the same league as Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada.

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Transitional gray

If there’s anything like going gray gracefully, this hair color is the living picture of it. Targeting individuals whose hair is naturally turning gray, this hair treatment will make the transition less overbearing. You don’t want your white roots to stand apart from the dark ends.

This shade of gray will help create a beautiful transition from the crown to the tips of your hair. With a flawless ombré finish, there’ll be no such thing as the fear of graying hair.

Hints of gray and blond

Some people don’t want to settle just for one shade. This is why we’re offering hair color treatments that marry hints of blond with hints of gray to create an interesting pattern of varying color tones.

If you were born as a blond, we can use your butter blond hair strands with a mix of silver-gray ones to create this look. This way, you get to celebrate your natural beauty while styling your hair in a different color as well. Come in for a hair transformation any day!

We’re one of the best hair salons in Concord, NH that specializes in hair colors and highlights. Avail any of our services with a haircut and you won’t be disappointed!

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