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Taking Care of Your Hair with a Hectic Work Routine

When you wake up for work each morning, struggling to style your hair or make it look presentable, only to give up and resign to your fate as a walking bird’s nest, it’s a sign that you need a better hair care routine.

It can be incredibly difficult to find one that works for you, especially as you try to balance work and other commitments; after all, when you’re tired to the bone after a long day at work, who’s got the time to do a deep conditioning treatment?

There are, however, certain things you can do to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, fresh and well-maintained despite being low maintenance. For instance:

Find a schedule that works for you

You might not have even a minute free on most days, but you need to find some time that you can dedicate to caring for your tresses. This doesn’t mean you need an elaborate ritual each morning, but deciding what days work better for your wash for instance, or when you can take time out head to the hair salon.

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Don’t over-wash your hair

That being said, however, it’s also crucial that you don’t over-wash your hair and run the risk of drying it out, damaging it and causing friction to your scalp. Washing your hair too much also strips it of natural oils and moisture, which can leave it brittle and frail. Washing on alternate days should be fine, so long as you use a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Oil and condition whenever possible

Oiling and at-home conditioning treatments are lifesavers. Even oiling your hair for thirty minutes before each shower lets it absorb the nutrients and goodness from it. The best part is that a hair pack or oiling session even once a week will suffice. If you have an extra hour on the weekends, blend a mix and work it through your hair for some wholesome goodness.

Schedule regular trims

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Of course, no hair care routine is complete without regular trims and haircuts to keep you looking fresh and fabulous. Schedule a haircut at my hair salon in Concord, NH and I’ll be sure to leave you feeling light, breezy and your hair looking healthy. Regular trims and haircuts are one of the best ways to keep your hair in shape and encourage growth.

Get low maintenance hair color

I’d also recommend getting hair color services like highlights, lowlights or a balayage, so your hair looks good without much effort. These treatments can spice up your look without needing extensive styling on the daily; even a simple ponytail will have more depth and dimension!

Schedule an appointment at my salon and I’ll help you find the perfect hair service for you.

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