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5 Celebrities Giving Us Hair Goals In 2020

We all look toward our favorite celebrities to give us hair, makeup, and fashion goals on the regular. Sometimes you see their new ‘do and think “dang!” and other times you see them wear a dress and want the exact same color.

It’s pretty common to want to emulate your star-crushes and ideals, and why shouldn’t we? They have access to the best stylists, makeup and hair artists, trainers, and designers in the world. They also have insider access to the latest trends—because they’re usually the ones starting them.

This is why when it comes to nailing hair goals in 2020, we’ve found the following to be our favorites so far:

1.     Selena Gomez and her shaggy layers

Selena’s been known for her long locks, extensions, and sharp bobs for years now. Experimenting primarily with these looks, she’s stepped into 2020 with a different kind of look. Her hair has seen a whole bunch of transformations in the short time 2020 has been around, from long layers that pay homage to Jennifer Aniston, to a shorter shaggy bob that’s super retro and looks cute and a look featuring extensions, she’s done a lot this year. We can’t wait to see all the looks she serves for the rest of the year!

2.     Blake Lively’s shag

Speaking of shags, Blake Lively has boarded the shag train this year too. She posted a photo sporting a shaggy short bob and fringes that are for her upcoming role this year, but we’re huge fans already. It’s a fun, easygoing look that’s a stark contrast to her usual glamorous appearance.

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3.     Mila Kunis’s rich chocolate hair

Mila Kunis is absolutely flawless, and though our screens definitely miss her bubbly presence, gorgeous feline eyes, all hope is not lost. Kunis was spotted with new hair color, flaunting a rich, chocolate brown look that really brings out the best in her features. Complimenting her beautiful olive skin, the brown has highlights and lowlights that bring out her eyes like never before!

4.     Chrissy Teigen’s wispy bangs

Chrissy has our hearts at all times. She’s funny, witness, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, giving us mom goals, humor goals, cooking goals, and hair goals! 2019 and 2020 saw the return of wispy bangs, and Chrissy seems to be following suit, seen showing off her new ‘do on social media and at events.

5.     Demi Lovato and Billie Eilish’s neon tips and roots

This is an honorable mention for the daring color choices Demi and Billie have made, flashing neon green roots and tips in recent months. They’re both incredibly talented and young, making statements with their music and their hair!

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with me to learn more about how you can look like your favorite celebs this year. I offer a range of hair services in Concord, NH, including haircuts, hair highlights, and lowlights.

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