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Tips To Treating Your Hair Right

Your hair is likely to be one of your most prized features. It’s one of the first things anyone will notice about you, whether your hair is long, short, black, brown, buzzed, tied up, or even covered!

Regardless of how your hair looks to other people, it’s important for you to keep it healthy for yourself. Your hair is constantly exposed to all sorts of environmental toxins and pollutants, and your day-to-day habits and hair care routine can impact its overall health and quality.

If you want to show your hair the TLC it deserves and needs, try the following tips and tricks:

Find a routine that works for you

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You can’t spend your whole life relying on a quick comb through and dash out the door and switch to an elaborate hair care routine overnight. It’s important to find something that works for you and develop a manageable routine that you can keep up. Start small and build upon that.

Keep it as simple as possible without skipping essential steps such as conditioning, oiling, or spacing out washes. You don’t need a daily hair mask for healthy hair; in fact, that can leave your hair looking dull and dry from the washing that follows.

Invest in heat protection if you style regularly

For those who can’t leave the house without styling every single day, you need to buy the right heat protectant for your hair. Curling, straightening, blow-drying on the daily can take a toll on the strength and quality of your hair, which is why you should not be skipping this protective layer in the process.

Get regular trims and haircuts

Trims and haircuts help keep away dead and split ends, which can leave your hair looking limp, dry, dead and heavy. A trim keeps your hair in shape and prevents it from losing its lustrous appeal. If you’d rather keep your hair length maintained, ask your hairstylist to trim off just the edges and go for a proper haircut every 4–6 months. You can schedule your appointment with me through my website or just give me a call!

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Don’t overdo the shampoo

Shampoo is the enemy, and a lot of people have begun to swear off it, but there are others who cannot lay off no matter what. For those in the latter category, it’s crucial to understand how damaging shampoo can be, drying out your hair and stripping it of its natural moisture and oils. Stick to alternate day shampoos, or cut down to no more than a couple of times a week for the best results.

I see clients requesting intense chemical treatments, hair color services, hair texturizing, and much more on the regular, and often their hair is significantly damaged. For your hair to look its best, it needs to be healthy and nourished, and a little haircare goes a long way. Learn more about taking care of your locks on my blog! You can also visit my hair salon in Concord, NH, for haircuts and hairstyling.

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