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Hair Aftercare—What to do After Hair Color Services

Who doesn’t love a good hair color services? It’s always refreshing to get a change—but unfortunately, our hair needs special attention, love and care after even the best treatments and professionally done jobs.

So how can you take care of your freshly dyed hair?

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Hair dye aftercare as important as it is, is more often than not heavily neglected. It’s important for two reasons, primarily:

  • To maintain the hair color itself
  • Minimize damage from the treatment.

So we’ll be sharing some tips to extend the longevity of the hair color services and keep your locks luscious and healthy.


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It’s important to prep in advance if you want to maintain hair health. If you regularly get your hair dyed, it might be in your best interest to give it a break. Hair that’s damaged already will get worse with further treatment. So work on regaining your hair health by nourishing it, hydrating and giving it the deep conditioning it probably craves. If you’re in for a heavy-duty bleach job, work in some coconut oil to shield your hair!

Make sure your stylist is using quality products

At Hair Design 61, we only use the best quality products for our clients. It’s about ensuring that you get what you want, and more. As the leading hair salon in Concord NH, you can rest assured that you’re getting great services and even better products, but it’s important to check with your hairdresser anyway.

Wait before your first shampoo

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Don’t rush into it. Enjoy your new hair, and wait at least a couple of days before you decide to shampoo. It’s important to have that window for your hair color to settle in before you go in for that first wash.

In fact, start shampooing less frequently

Shampoo strips your hair of moisture and color both. So overwashing will lead to dry, damaged hair as well as a poor color that looks faded. Both the hair color services and the hair quality depend on the frequency of your shampooing, so watch out.

You should also invest in special shampoo for color-treated hair, because sulfates in regular shampoo can cause damage and ruin the color. If you cannot survive without washing your hair, try dry shampoo or baby powder to give the illusion and feeling of clean hair.

And when you do shampoo, wash with cold water

Not ice cold water, but cool enough to keep your hair safe. Hot showers are amazing, but hot water—and heat in general—can damage your hair severely. So when you wash, just be sure to turn the temperature down and rinse carefully.

Remember these things when you visit our salon. Book your appointment with the best Hair color specialist in concord NH today!

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