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How Does Hair Texturizing Work?

Your hair is your most prominent feature and your beauty asset. Nothing adorns your crown like silky straight hair or glossy curls hanging down your face as they frame it ever so delicately.

While the standards of beauty keep changing over the centuries, one thing that has remained constant is the need to care for your hair. Hair care can transform the outlook of your hair and nourish your roots from within.

Textured hair has a personality of its own and it curls or coils according to its mood. Thus, as the name suggests, it’s the texture of such hair that reveals the natural curl pattern and quality of hair.

That said, curly hair is not always the easiest to manage. It’s an achievement to have a good hair day when your hair is prone to get tangled and frizzy easily. This is why people with textured hair have been popularly opting for hair texturizing.

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Textured Hair or Texturized Hair?

People often confuse texturized hair with textured hair.

Textured hair occurs naturally in the form of loose waves, curls, or tight coils. There isn’t a singular type of textured hair because it includes all the diverse varieties of curly hair.

Texturized hair, on the other hand, is hair that has been treated with the texturizing procedure. This hair treatment helps devolve the curl pattern into looser curls to make it more manageable.

Instead of completely straightening it using heat treatments, it gives your hair a more natural look. It uses chemicals during the process but the products are much milder than those used during hair rebonding or relaxation.

Texturizing treatments also preserve the natural curl pattern, unlike the straightening treatments.

Here are some key benefits of this treatment that make it so popular.

Benefits of Hair Texturizing

  • Makes hair more voluminous
  • Adds shine to your curls
  • Makes hair manageable
  • Makes it easier to detangle
  • Controls frizz and fly-away hair
  • Helps grow out the length

How It Works

The curly texture of your hair comes from the amino acids that construct your hair.

Since the chemicals used during the process work with the proteins (keratin) in your hair, it adds more definition to your curls.
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Since the treatment penetrates the hair shaft deeply, it offers more long-lasting results as well.

Upon the application of the texturizing chemicals, the hydrogen bonds in amino acids disintegrate and loosen the coils.

The results of the treatment are different for different types of curls. 2a and 2b curls may loosen curls more easily and become wavy, whereas the 3b and 3c range may just become more defined.

Have you been struggling with your curls for years now? While each hair type is beautiful in its own form, some hair types are a bit more difficult to manage.

We can help you love your curls with our hair texturizing treatments. Visit our hair salon in Concord, NH and we’d be happy to help you out!

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