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Ranked: Counting Down the Top Women’s Hairstyles of 2019

The diversity and variety of trends in women’s fashion and styling have exploded like never before in 2019 more than ever. The best haircut is one that is suitable for your face shape and lifestyle.

Innovation in hair coloring and styling have led to the possibility of all kinds of experimentation and styles. Whether it’s extensions, vibrant colored hair, or Kim Kardashian’s wet-hair Met Gala look, the red carpet and the streets have seen some of the coolest hairstyles. And we’re here to rank them all! Brace yourselves for the best women’s hairstyles in 2019.

Bobs of All kinds

Chopping your hair off to a fun and quirky bob is just part of the hair-cycles we go through on a regular basis. No matter what length of hair you’ve sported for most of your life, there will come a time when you’re just done with it. Getting that chop can be scary at first and then immediately empowering! Amongst all the things you feel all at once, you find it a bit liberating,

In that free spirit, 2019 embraced all kinds of bobs! From a rounded bob that screamed Hollywood glamour to an ear-length bob with a blunt fringe, you just couldn’t go wrong with it. Even better is the long bob or the lob, perfect for faces with squared jaws or even round faces. This length is perfect if you want less hassle of styling your hair every morning but want to keep your hair open to frame your face.

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Hair that goes back in time

Call it retro hair, eighties hair or even punk early 2000’s fashion trends made a comeback with a bang (pun intended) in a big way.

Curls with lots of layers that are brushed out and all kinds of curtain bangs are just some of the classic and hip styles that look great, especially for women with medium to long hair. It also adds a more feminine, chic touch to your overall look.

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We love calling it the Tinkerbelle, but most of us know this as the pixie cut. It’s always edgy, and the more textured the better. You can even play around with it to add more volume at the top and use texture spray or saltwater spray for that extra pizzazz! It makes you look like a boss and is perfect for flaunting your collar and jaw bones.

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