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Don’t Let It Go: How to Keep Hair Healthy Through Winter and the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, which means winter is here in full swing. While people prepare for fun parties and trips back home for the break, or dinners and drinks with their friends, there’s also a sense of heightened worry.

It’s not the snow and sleet that are a cause for alarm; it’s not the icy roads and panic over winter bodies that’s keeping people up at night—it’s hair damage!

The cold weather can really take a toll on your hair and skin no matter where you are in the world. Frigid winds don’t make frigid hearts as much as they make dull hair.

How do you keep your hair healthy in the cold?

Having a regular hair care routine that you follow throughout the year is important. Basics like getting regular trims and haircuts from a hair stylist you trust are important. However, more than that, your winter haircare routine needs to be amped up a bit.

Try to incorporate the following advice, tips and tricks into your routine to keep your hair looking fresh, healthy, soft and perfect for the holidays:

Don’t over-wash your locks

Winter often means greasy hair, itchy, flaky scalps and irritation that leaves you wanting to wash it every day. Avoid frequent shampooing, limiting yourself to 3–4 times a week at most. This will prevent you from over-drying your hair and exacerbating any dryness you might be experiencing.

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…but when you do wash, make sure the water is cool

Winter means hot, long showers, but a lot of people don’t realize how much they damage their hair with every scalding-hot hair wash. Not only do you dry out your hair, but you also damage your scalp and prevent hair growth. Whenever you’re washing your hair, make sure the water is lukewarm at most and cold at best. Being pretty was never easy!

Oil your hair and deep conditioning weekly

Oiling should be a hair care routine staple all through the year. Use a moisturizing oil that will restore strength and shine to your locks and keep them from getting dry and straggly. Another important thing to add to your routine is a deep conditioning session. You can easily make a formula from your pantry ingredients too!

Stay hydrated!

It’s easy to get dehydrated in the winter, because you don’t feel thirsty as often due to the cold. This is bad practice and affects your hair and skin significantly. Even if it means running to the bathroom more frequently, don’t forget to hydrate!

If it’s time for your monthly trim or annual cut before the holidays, drop by my hair salon in Concord, NH or book an appointment with me today!

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