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Questions to Ask Your Hair Stylist Before Making a Change

Changing your hair is one of the most exciting and therapeutic things anyone can do. Whether it’s a radical haircut, a hair color change or some extensions and hair tinsel, there’s a lot that you can do.

However, your hair might not turn out the way you envision—and that can be frustrating for you. To enjoy the best results and improve your hair quality, make sure that you cover all your bases—and your base color!

Things everyone should ask their Hair stylist

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When you walk into a hair salon, you need to have an open mind. As a hair stylist, I can tell you that your stylist and hairdresser will only want what’s best for you, even if it’s not something you had in mind. It can be difficult to accept advice, especially if it contradicts your expectations, but it’s what’s best for you.

Ask them about your hair and scalp’s overall health

This is important to know, since most people assume their hair and scalp are in great shape. You could be experiencing dry and flaky scalp and not be aware of it, or your hair could be dry and damaged without you realizing it. Before making any major change, it’s good to get an evaluation.

If the haircut you have in mind will suit you—and how it can be tailored to you

Again, your desired look might not work with the hair texture and type you have, or with your face cut and hair length. Trust your stylist and ask them for their expertise and consultation.

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Which hair color is best suited to your skin tone and eye color?

Hair color should be ideally suited to your skin tone and eye color, helping to enhance them and make them pop. It’s tempting to go platinum blonde or try something dramatic, but if your hair can’t take it or it’ll look too harsh, a warmer brown could be better for you.

What styles will be suited to your hair type and routine?  

The way your hair looks after it’s freshly styled at the salon is different from how it will be after you style it at home. If your hair is already damaged and you need heat to style it on the daily, you’ll exacerbate the issue. It also makes a difference if your routine is hectic and you don’t get time in the morning; a low maintenance style would be better suited to you.

Don’t ever hesitate from asking your hair stylist any questions and concerns you have—hair is no joke! If you’re excited to try something new, visit Hair Design 61, one of the best hair salons in Concord, NH. To book an appointment with me, visit my website or give me a call!

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