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Hair Hacks 2020: Easy Styling Tips for Short Hair

Often, at my hair salon in Concord, NH, I have clients come in and request short hair. They pull up pictures of celebrities, internet personalities, or even models sporting an edgy, short-haired look—remember the cool girl haircut?—and want to look exactly like them.

As a hairstylist, I know the effort that goes into making their hair look like that, and how hard it is to replicate. There are a lot of different factors that separate clients and the sample photos they bring in. Hair texture, color, history of treatment, styling techniques—they all make a massive difference.

Short hair, contrary to popular belief, is not ‘easier to manage.’ In fact, for it to look the way you want it to, a lot of effort is required.

In this blog, I’m sharing my favorite styling tips for clients with short hair.

Go easy on the styling products

Styling products tend to weigh down your hair, making it greasy, heavy, and unnecessarily slick-looking. Combat this with minimal product usage. A regular deep conditioning routine should do the trick, but it’s important to resist overdoing product usage. This will also let you space out washes.

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Add dry shampoo to your routine

Dry shampoo is about to become your new best friend. For added volume, cleaner looking roots, and easy styling, invest in a dry shampoo that you can spritz on before heading out in the morning.

Work it through your scalp and roots to avoid white shadows, and you’re good to go. Don’t overdo it, though, because this can lead to more sebum production.

Hair accessories for low maintenance days

Short hair looks great when it’s let down; when you’re not in the mood to style it, use headbands, hats, and berets—fortunately, it’s winter—or hairclips for added style.

Tie up a scarf or make an up-do and accessorize for something quick and easy!

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Tousle and toss for easy styling

Avoid heat as much as possible; air-dry your hair and tousle it when damp for added volume and texture. This keeps your hair safe and looking flawless.

If you’re looking for something more permanent, perms work incredibly well with short hair. Get in touch with me or walk-in for hair consultations and treatments!

Get regular trims for maintenance

The trick to enjoying short hair is regular maintenance. This is especially true if you’re trying to keep the length and style constant; you can’t control how your hair grows, but you can keep it in check. For walk-in hairdresser services, you can always swing by and request a trim.

If you’re nervous about making the cut, go for it! Short hair always looks great!

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